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Fourth of July means more to Internet scammers than fireworks and barbeques

The Fourth of July means more to Internet scammers than fireworks and barbeques.  Scambook, the leading consumer complaint resolution platform, published a new advisory statement to warn Internet users against a series of holiday-related scams sweeping across the U.S. this week.


The Internet Remembers, And So Must We

A new scandal surfaces almost weekly in Hollywood, and nothing receives more media attention than the release of a new celebrity sex tape.  With 42 million search results for “Kim Kardashian sex tape” appearing online, no question exists about the extent of the world’s fascination with publicized celebrity indiscretions.

The attention celebrities receive for such actions often influences other Internet users to document and broadcast their own private activities (frequently to the determinant of personal relationships, careers, educational opportunities and community standings).  A simple click to post a video or image can have permanent, far-reaching and severe implications for not only the posters but also their innocent friends, family, or acquaintances.


Digital Troops on the Front Line

Imagine you felt passionate enough about a cause to place yourself in harm’s way to support the side you believed in. Now imagine you could do this without leaving your living room and still step into the front lines of the battle. That’s exactly what today’s social justice hackers are doing via the Internet – declaring digital warfare against their opponents centered on their vision of who’s right and who’s wrong. Today’s hackers can easily accomplish their mission by digitally attacking governments, corporations, and other groups they oppose through social media harassment, website defacement, virus and malware distribution, and data theft, leakage, and destruction, just to name a few. This is their idea of social justice.


Is Facebook Denying Democracy to a Billion People?

Did you vote? And no, I am not talking about for Romney or Obama. Or anything political for that matter. I am talking Facebook. A few years ago, Facebook was the first company of its kind to experiment with democracy when it provided its users with the right to vote on policy changes and updates. While news of this new social media democracy spread like wildfire, not even 1 percent of Facebook’s 1 billion users actually voted.


Scammers Have the Best Deals on Cyber Monday

Some of you may have turkey on your mind, while others think past the feast and on to the online shopping. Deals like “free Apple iPad if you click here” or “check out this site for 50% off all designer watches” sound too good to be true. In fact, these deals are too good to be true.


Keep Out, I’m Still Home

We are all very good at using our common sense when we go on vacation, so that criminals, like those in the movie Home Alone, don’t decide to burglarize our homes while we are gone. We ask neighbors to take in our garbage, collect our mail, and turn on our lights periodically so it looks like our house is still occupied. And yet, we then go online and throw caution to the wind.


Scammers Coming Together in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

The President has asked Americans all across the country to come together as a nation to help fellow citizens recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. As the community steps up, so do the scammers.


Apps that Can Help When Your Child Goes Missing

Apps that Can Help When Your Child Goes Missing The recent child abductions in Colorado and New Jersey raise important questions about how to best assist law enforcement in locating and rescuing missing children. According to a survey released by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, not enough parents in the United States know vital statistics about their kids, including height, hair color, eye color, weight, etc.


11 apps to keep your kids safe on Halloween

You’ve gotten the best costumes for the kids and more candy than you can eat in a year. As darkness approaches, the kids are waiting by the door to start trick-or-treating. But amidst all this excitement and like all parents, you are worrying about the real dangers that might be lurking out there this Halloween. So, how can you be a forward-thinking parent by using the power of today’s technology to help ease your worries and keep your children safer this Halloween Here are some great apps and gadgets that you can use and most don’t even require a trip to the store: Trick or Tracker 3.0 App: Parents can know where their kids are at all times through the push of one button. GPS technology is used to pull the exact location, which is then sent to your phone through a text message.


Bringing Home a Camp Counselor

It’s hard to believe that summer’s already over, but the beginning of a new school year is just a few weeks away.  Which means that many kids are getting back, or have already gotten back, from camp.  Camp can be a wonderful experience, but as with most things in our increasingly connected world, there are more things to look out for than there were when we were kids. 


LinkedIn Reminds Us – A Different Password for Every Site is Critical

Recent attacks on LinkedIn and eHarmony highlight the importance of different passwords for different sites.  LinkedIn confirmed that there had been a breach in their security whereby hackers stole approximately 6.5 million encrypted passwords.  eHarmony has also announced a breach in their security where 1.5 million passwords were stolen in the attack. Large scale attacks such as these are becoming more common.   Epsilon and a number of other companies, as we have discussed in previous blogs, fell victim to theft as well. In all of this hacking activity, there is one simple lesson – if all your passwords are the same on each site you use and someone fraudulently obtains your login info for one site, they will have obtained access to all your sites in one small coup.


Keeping Dad Happy and Your Wallet Safe

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. This means we can expect great celebrations, barbeques and great gifts. Many of us will hunt for the best gifts for dad online looking for everything from gadgets to clothes. Unfortunately, gift giving holidays like Father’s Day also tend to bring out fraudsters and online scammers.


Putting Your Best Footprint Forward

The phrase “digital footprint” might not mean much to you right now, but it should.  Digital or viral footprint refers to the mass of content on the Internet that can be linked to you and, therefore, located by anyone doing a search on you. The list of possible places for content to be visible is seemingly endless: your wedding video on YouTube, an article mentioning your car accident, spring break photos you might want to forget about…the list goes on. And, most likely, this content will be accessed at some point in your life by an outside source doing an assessment of your character. 


Criminals Are as Cyber Savvy as Ever

Shoppers are not the only ones looking for good deals on the Internet.  Hackers, scammers and fraudsters are shopping around for good deals too – deals like your personal information for free. Online scams are on the rise all over the country. According to the FBI supported 2010 Internet Crime Complaint Center Report, online fraud in the U.S. doubled to a reported $560 million in losses.