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12/19/2013 Target targeted by hackers putting credit card info at risk RT America
12/19/2013 Target Security Breach Compromises 40M Accounts NBC
12/05/2013 How to protect yourself: 2 million Facebook, Google accounts compromised Fox News
09/09/2013 NSA spies on smart phones RT America
09/03/2013 Online bullying in light of recent concerns on ABC News
08/29/2013 Facebook friends might spoil your credit score RT America
08/22/2013 Weight-Loss Photos Stolen by Diet Company, Woman Says ABC News
08/15/2013 Hacker wars: US companies engage in online warfare RT America
06/14/2013 Tech companies want details on NSA spying RT America
06/10/2013 Nigam '87 on cyber security, live Wesleyan University
06/10/2013 Is online privacy dead? Al Jazeera
05/10/2013 Protecting Your $$ From Hackers CNN
05/10/2013 Hemu Nigam talking about protecting your $$ from Hackers CNN
04/30/2013 US Government Task Force to force companies to spy on users RT America
12/27/2012 Congress loosens video privacy rules RT America
11/23/2012 Hemu on Headline News talking to about how to protect yourself from Cyber Monday scams Nov 23 Headline News
11/18/2012 Hemu on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello discussing the FBI logo virus November 16 2012 CNN
11/15/2012 Petraeus' sex life or online privacy; What's the real story? RT America
11/15/2012 Cyber Pearl Harbor Coming? | Interview with Hemanshu Nigam RT America
08/09/2012 Hemu Nigam Interview on Google mining Gmail Accounts to finetune search results The Willis Report
07/12/2012 Hemu Nigam Interview on Facebook Online Banking Headline News
03/03/2012 Hemu Nigam Interview on the Google Privacy Policy Update The Tom Sullivan Show
02/06/2012 Hemu Nigam Interview on How to Protect Your Online Identity The Wall Street Journal Smart Money
01/26/2012 Hemu Nigam Interview on Google Privacy Shake-up Fox Business Network
01/18/2012 Hemu Nigam Interview on Anti-Piracy Bill Protests Bloomberg Think Tank
01/16/2012 Hemu Nigam Interview on Cyber Attack Fox Business Network
12/13/2011 Fox Business Network: How to Be Socially Active and Safe Online Fox Business Network
12/02/2011 WCNT: Heading out for the holidays? Make sure you don’t give out too much info online WCNT
11/21/2011 Hemanshu Nigam Fox Business Network Interview on Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks Fox Business Network
08/16/2011 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Interview on Cyber Bullying Fox News
06/27/2011 Hemanshu Nigam CNN Situation Room Interview on Citigroup Credit Card Hack CNN Situation Room
06/22/2011 Hemanshu Nigam ABC News 20/20 We Find Them Promo ABC News
06/20/2011 Hemanshu Nigam HLN’s Drew Drew Interview on Casey Anthony Trial HLN
06/16/2011 Hemanshu Nigam CNN Newsroom Interview on the Alleged CIA Website Hackers CNN Newsroom
06/11/2011 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Channel Interview on the Legal Implications of Adults Texting Teens Fox News
06/02/2011 Hemanshu Nigam NBCU’s Live Digital with Shelley Palmer Interview on Keeping Your Child Safe Online NBCU
06/01/2011 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Channel Interview on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter Scandal Fox News
04/23/2011 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Channel Interview on New Controversial XXX adult web addresses Fox News
04/19/2011 Hemanshu Nigam CNN Newsource Interview: Facebook unveils new safety resources for teens CNN Newsource
04/02/2011 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Channel Interview on TRUST Film and protecting your children from online predators Fox News
03/30/2011 Hemanshu Nigam CBS Early Show Interview on TRUST Film with David Schwimmer CBS Early Show
03/24/2011 Hemanshu Nigam CNN Newsource Interview on Facebook Age Minimums CNN Newsource
03/15/2011 Hemanshu Nigam NBCU’s Live Digital with Shelley Palmer Interview on Cyber Security and Online Safety NBCU
01/11/2011 Hemanshu Nigam ABC7 News Live Interview on Red Flag Warnings & Cyber Tips to Help Prevent Tragedies  ABC7 News
01/03/2011 Hemanshu Nigam CNN Newsroom Interview on E-impersonation CNN Newsroom
12/16/2010 Hemanshu Nigam ABC7 News Live Interview about Online Security Risks and Cyber Attack Prevention ABC7 News
12/16/2010 Hemanshu Nigam CNN Newsroom Interview on Protecting Yourself Online During the Holidays CNN Newsroom
12/13/2010 Hemanshu Nigam speaking on the Privacy Panel at the DIGIDAY: TARGET event
12/09/2010 Hemanshu Nigam CNN Newsroom Interview on the Cyber Attacks Launched by WikiLeak Supporters CNN Newsroom
10/01/2010 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Interview on FBI Take Down of Global Computer Virus Scam Fox News
09/30/2010 Hemanshu Nigam ABC News 7Live Interview on the Cyber Bullying Trend ABC7 News
09/24/2010 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Interview on Cyber Weapon that Targeted Iranian Nuclear Plant Fox News
08/14/2010 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Interview on Craigslist Sex Trafficking  Fox News
07/24/2010 Hemanshu Nigam CBS The Early Show Interview on Pentagon Investigation of Child Pornography CBS Early Show
07/11/2010 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Interview on Senate’s Action Against Hoax Emails Fox News
06/26/2010 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Interview on Sextortion Fox News
05/20/2010 Australian Broadcast News: Facebook friend or foe? Australian Broadcast News
02/23/2010 Hemanshu Nigam Interviewed By Enough Is Enough
02/22/2010 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Interview On Cyberwar Fox News
01/30/2010 Hemanshu Nigam Fox News Interview On Congressional Website Hackers Fox News
06/16/2009 Hemanshu Nigam United Nations Address
12/23/2008 Hemanshu Nigam Keynotes Annual Online Safety Institute Conference
03/27/2008 Hemanshu Nigam Featured In Tech Policy Summit
04/30/0201 RT America

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10/23/2013 It's Too Easy to Legislate Away Safety The Huffington Post
10/07/2013 License Plate Recognition: Saving Lives, Solving Crimes The Huffington Post
08/29/2013 Choosing the Right Anti-Bullying Program The Huffington Post
08/18/2013 The Urban Myth About Car Thieves That's True The Huffington Post
08/09/2013 The Tweet That Helped a Criminal Break into Jail The Huffington Post
07/29/2013 Stay Away From Secret Photos of Baby Prince George The Huffington Post
07/18/2013 Hands Up! This Is a Cyber Heist The Huffington Post
07/15/2013 Malware on the Go The Huffington Post
06/26/2013 NSA 101 The Huffington Post
06/10/2013 Textual Harassment -- Another Form of Bullying The Huffington Post
06/03/2013 Online Media and Teen Suicide The Huffington Post
05/22/2013 Spot the Cop The Huffington Post
05/15/2013 Is a Discount Worth Giving Up Your Online Privacy? HLN
05/13/2013 Social Addiction The Huffington Post
05/06/2013 The Tweet That Was Heard Around the World The Huffington Post
04/25/2013 Keeping Quiet Online to Help Cops Hunt A Fugitive The Huffington Post
04/22/2013 Putting Texting and Driving in the Back Seat The Huffington Post
04/12/2013 Rescued on Facebook The Huffington Post
04/09/2013 They Can Run, But Should We Let Them Hide? The Huffington Post
03/28/2013 Our Children Can Teach Us How to Keep Them Safe Online The Huffington Post
03/22/2013 Social Privacy: What Does This Really Mean? The Huffington Post
03/06/2013 Besides Music, What Do Rihanna, Miley and Taylor Have in Common? The Huffington Post
03/05/2013 60 Days of Hacker Assaults The Huffington Post
02/02/2013 Security experts: Times hacking story a wake-up call CNN
01/30/2013 The dark side of meeting people online New York Metro
01/25/2013 Disney MagicBands to Deliver New Experiences The Huffington Post
01/18/2013 How to call a catfisher's bluff HLN
01/14/2013 Will 2013 Be the Year of Privacy on Steroids? The Huffington Post
01/04/2013 Was 2012 the Year of Privacy? The Huffington Post
12/27/2012 Oh No! Someone Just Walked Away With My iPad Mini! The Huffington Post
12/21/2012 Gift Giving and Unsafe Shopping: Which is Better? The Huffington Post
12/20/2012 Making "Perfect the Enemy of the Good" Kills Children The Huffington Post
12/17/2012 The Internet Remembers, And So Must We The Huffington Post
12/17/2012 Cybersecurity firm identifies ‘credible threat’ to 30 U.S. banks The Washington Post
12/06/2012 Digital Troops on the Front Line The Huffington Post
10/31/2012 11 apps to keep your kids safe on Halloween
09/26/2012 Dad Finds Porn on Son's Computer, Writes Thoughtful Letter The Huffington Post
07/12/2012 Is Facebook Taking Over the World?!
06/21/2012 Put Your Best Digital Footprint Forward ID Discovery
06/20/2012 Skout app may shut teen forum permanently over safety concerns The Los Angeles Times
06/17/2012 Keeping Dad Happy and Your Wallet Safe The Huffington Post
06/17/2012 Verifying Ages Online Is a Daunting Task, Even for Experts The New York Times
06/14/2012 Skout Searches For Answers After Sex-Predator Crisis The Wall Street Journal
06/13/2012 LinkedIn Reminds Us: A Different Password for Every Site Is Critical The Huffington Post
06/08/2012 LinkedIn breach puts site's reputation on the line Reuters
06/07/2012 LinkedIn, eHarmony deal with breach aftermath The Washington Post
05/01/2012 George Zimmerman: Defense enters Twitter, Facebook Conversation Orlando Sentinel
03/26/2012 Protecting Yourself from Shady Apps The Washington Post
03/26/2012 Are mobile apps a secure way to pay?
02/29/2012 Pirate Bay switches to tougher tech
02/28/2012 8 Ways to Protect Kids from Bullies
02/27/2012 WikiLeaks + Anonymous = A Powerful Partnership?
02/06/2012 Experts Explain- Protecting Your Online Identity Smart Money
01/18/2012 Galloway Calls U.S. Anti-Piracy Legislation ‘Terrible’ The Washington Post
01/17/2012 Protect Yourself- How to Spot an Online Scam Investigation Discovery
01/08/2012 Review shows alcohol companies reach youth online Baltimore Sun
01/06/2012 Keeping Your Information Safe On Your Smartphone WABC New York
01/02/2012 2011's Cybercrime Explosion and Your Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2012 Investigation Discovery
12/21/2011 Twitter Goes Gaga: How to Avoid Having Your Twitter Account Hacked ABC News
12/05/2011 Internet Security Expert Warns of Social Media Site Dangers This Holiday Season CBS New York
12/01/2011 Avoiding the Cyber Crime Holiday The Huffington Post
11/28/2011 Cyber Monday – 6 Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked or Scammed ABC News
11/28/2011 Amid Cyber Monday Deals Cyber Scams To Watch For Fox News
11/04/2011 Network Security Evolves PC Today
11/03/2011 The Facebook Revolt The Huffington Post
11/02/2011 The Amazing Race: The Irony of Halloween The Huffington Post
10/26/2011 National Security Agency helps U.S. banks battle hackers Reuters UK
10/25/2011 Pixel Tags Don't Threaten Your Online Privacy and Security ABC News
10/21/2011 The Amazing Race- The Buddy System The Huffington Post
10/14/2011 DISCUS issues alcohol advertising guidelines
10/12/2011 Parent Alert, Your Kids & Social Media...Tweet Tweet...what's really going on? Voice America – Outreach Today
10/07/2011 Cyberbullying- What It Is and What to Do About It ABC
10/05/2011 Are Rising Corporate Cyber Attacks a Conspiracy?
09/29/2011 The Amazing Race: Confucius Meets Twitter The Huffington Post
09/27/2011 Don't Reminder Me Later The Huffington Post
09/20/2011 New Rules for Alcohol Companies to Advertise and Market on Social Networks The Wall Street Journal
09/14/2011 When Hackers Attack, Earthquakes Follow The Huffington Post
09/09/2011 New stratgey for new breed of hacker Variety
09/08/2011 11 Websites You Can Trust With Your Kids ABC News
09/01/2011 So Many Kids Sites, So Little Time The Huffington Post
08/16/2011 Is "Anonymous" behavior justified? Are they modern Robin Hoods or thrill seeking vigilantes? NPR
08/15/2011 When a Child Goes Missing, an iPhone App Can Help The Huffington Post
08/03/2011 The Bachelorette and Table for Two Please The Huffington Post
08/02/2011 Nightmare Renters from Airbnb The Huffington Post
08/01/2011 Facebook Murder- Teen accused of Facebook murder plot Orlando Sentinel
07/28/2011 The Bachelorette and the Illusion of Reality The Huffington Post
07/26/2011 Taking a Moment to Pause with Phone Hacking Scandal The Huffington Post
07/22/2011 Cybercrime- An Escalating Global Menace Investigation Discovery
07/20/2011 The Bachelorette and Someone to Watch Over Me The Huffington Post
07/19/2011 Mobsters, Taunters and More: The Four Kinds of Hackers ABC News
07/13/2011 The Bachelorette and the Stage of Life The Huffington Post
07/07/2011 Phone Hacking- a new worry on the user security front The Washington Post
07/06/2011 The Bachelorette', Online Dating and Hiring Your Next Boyfriend/Girlfriend ABC News
07/05/2011 Hackers Unite The Huffington Post
06/28/2011 The Bachelorette and the Search for the Perfect Resume The Huffington Post
06/23/2011 Alert- Camp Counselors Enter Digital Age The Huffington Post
06/22/2011 What's with all these $#@& data breaches?
06/22/2011 Lucky in Love Meets Cautious Online The Huffington Post
06/21/2011 Camp Counsel, Keeping Your Child's Summer Camp Experience Safe in the Digital Age ABC News
06/20/2011 How to Date Online Safely, From World's Top Web-Security Expert ABC News
06/19/2011 Casey Anthony trial- Social Media Let Us All Be Pundits The Orlando Sentinel
06/16/2011 The Bachelorette and the Hope of Truth The Huffington Post
06/14/2011 My Child Is My Teacher The Huffington Post
06/09/2011 Lawmakers Pushing Bill That Could Land YouTube Lip-Synch Artists Behind Bars Fox News
06/07/2011 The Bachelorette and the Power of Texting The Huffington Post
06/07/2011 Congressman Weiner and Sexting Amongst Friends The Huffington Post
06/03/2011 Sony Hack- Who Should Take the Blame? The Washington Post
06/02/2011 Hackers Claim to Hit Sony Again Variety Magazine
06/02/2011 Blake Lively's Hackers Could Easily be Found in 24 Hours if FBI Get Involved Says Expert! Hollywood Life
05/31/2011 The Bachelorette and the Creepy Masked Bachelor The Huffington Post
05/31/2011 Silent Jury, Speaking Public The Huffington Post
05/27/2011 The Bachelorette and the Drunken, Passed Out Bachelor The Huffington Post
05/08/2011 Parting with privacy with a quick click The Washington Post
05/06/2011 Many child murder cases get little attention Orlando Sentinel
05/05/2011 Every Step You'll Take, I'll Be Tracking You The Huffington Post
05/02/2011 Second Sony network shut down by hacker fear Financial Times
04/28/2011 How to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet The Huffington Post
04/10/2011 Internet Firms Wake Up to Federal Privacy Scrutiny The Washington Post
04/04/2011 Wave of phishing could follow Epsilon hacking USA Today
03/30/2011 David Schwimmer gets serious in "Trust" CBS News
03/25/2011 Color, new photo-sharing app, raises privacy concerns The Washington Post
03/12/2011 Facebook Users Who Are Under Age Raise Concerns The New York Times
03/04/2011 10-year-olds may want Facebook, but Facebook doesn't want them Moms
02/28/2011 The Reality of TRUST TRUST Movie 2011
02/25/2011 Oscars noms drive illegal downloads Variety
02/13/2011 Vermont May Require Sex Offenders to Use Real Names on Social Networks Huffington Post
02/05/2011 "Internet Kill Switch" Not Possible in the U.S. International Business Times
02/03/2011 Are the Kids All Right? The "Digital Natives" The Huffington Post
01/26/2011 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked CNNMoney
01/19/2011 IPad Hackers Face Criminal Charges from AT&T Website Exploit CNNMoney
01/13/2011 Palin Targeted in Violence-Tinged Tweets Following Arizona Massacre FOX News
01/06/2011 Facebook called to do more to prevent suicides signaled by its users USA Today
12/22/2010 Five Questions With Former Myspace CISO Hemu Nigam The Infoboom
12/22/2010 FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Draw Faint Praise, Fire International Business Times
12/20/2010 How to Write a Social Media Policy Bank Info Security
12/15/2010 Gawker Security Still Not Solved The New York Post
12/14/2010 Expert- Hackers May be in a Pissing Contest, Companies Should be on 'Red Alert' Fast Company
12/14/2010 Denton's Disgrace The New York Post
12/10/2010 WikiLeaks Backlash- 'We Are Going to Take You Down' | Download Bank Info Security Podcast
12/09/2010 WikiLeaks outcry echoes H'wood concerns | Download Variety
12/08/2010 Assange's 'poison pill' file impossible to stop, experts say
12/07/2010 How Has WikiLeaks Managed to Keep Its Web Site Up and Running? Scientific American
12/06/2010 Facebook Debunks Rumor That Pedophiles Are Behind Cartoon Profile Campaign FOX News
12/02/2010 Expert- Pentagon cybersecurity changes 'very basic, very late'
12/01/2010 How You Can Prevent Cyber Security Attack Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
11/23/2010 What Every Consumer and Business Should Be Doing Online – Former Myspace Chief Security Officer Hemu Nigam Social Times
11/10/2010 Online Dater Convicted of Assault The Huffington Post
11/09/2010 Internet Privacy- It's Between You, the Advertiser and the Platform The Huffington Post
11/02/2010 FOSI 2010: Internet Freedom, Safety & Citizenship. A Global Call to Action
11/01/2010 App Lets Kids 'Find Help' for Facebook Woes PC Magazine
10/22/2010 Dating Advice: How Safe Is Your Date? Los Angeles Examiner
10/21/2010 Facebook's Filters Fall Short in Blocking Pedophiles FOX News
10/01/2010 Cruel Intentions | Download Teen Vogue
10/01/2010 Protect Your Kids from Bullies Family Circle
09/28/2010 Facebook Pulls Pages Linked to "Man/Boy Love Association" CBS News
09/28/2010 8 Ways to Protect Kids from Cyber Bulling and Stalking CBS Money Watch
09/28/2010 Pedophiles Find a Home for Social Networking – on Facebook FOX News Exclusive
09/24/2010 Super Sophisticated Virus Targets Nuclear Facilities FOX News Insider
09/24/2010 Iranian Nuclear Plant May Have Been Hit with Cyber-Bomb The Cypress Times
08/18/2010 Some Ways to Thwart an Online Bully New York Times
08/04/2010 Privacy Battle Gets Personal for Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg FOX News
07/24/2010 Pentagon, Spy Child Porn Viewers Called Idiots CBS News
07/21/2010 Parents get Web help from Denver startup company Denver Post
07/18/2010 Policing the Web's Lurid Precincts New York Times
07/18/2010 Can Kids Be Safe Online? International Business Times
07/13/2010 Is the NSA's 'Perfect Citizen' the Ultimate Spying Tool? FOX News
06/25/2010 Pedophiles Find a Home on Wikipedia FOX News Exclusive
06/22/2010 7 out of 10 teens share location on Web The Washington Post
06/17/2010 Apple is the new hacker bulls-eye CNN Money
06/17/2010 SafetyWeb Secures $8 Million So Parents Can Better Secure Their Kids Online Tech Crunch
06/14/2010 Hackers say iPad has more security holes CNN Money
06/12/2010 On the Media- Overdosing on social networking media LA Times
06/10/2010 Security Experts- Apple, AT&T share blame for security breach USA Today
06/04/2010 Report urges more education about online safety The Washington Post
05/06/2010 Hemu Moves On New Family News
05/06/2010 Former MySpace Security Chief Starts Company CNET
10/01/2009 Justice Department Opens MySpace Profile CNET
05/14/2008 Hemanshu Nigam, MySpace Win $230 Million Anti-Spam Judgement USA Today
04/23/2007 BusinessWeek Profiles Hemanshu Nigam, The Marshal of MySpace BusinessWeek
03/01/2007 Hemanshu Nigam Featured In Chief Security Officer Magazine Chief Security Officer Magazine
06/30/2006 Can This Man Make MySpace Safe for Kids? Fortune

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