Hemu Approved Links and Resources


Better Business Bureau
Audit your business's practices or file a complaint about a company
California Office of Privacy Protection
Rundown of Internet privacy concerns
Unique site with a variety of helpful resources such as how to remove deleted “cached” photos from search engines
Enough is Enough
Nonprofit organization working to make the Internet safer. Provides great seasonal safety tips
FBI: A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
A letter to parents from the FBI to get you up to speed on what your child is doing online and how to notice potentially harmful activity
FDIC Guide Against Internet Thieves and Electronic Scams
Educational videos on identity theft — what it is and how to prevent it
Identity Theft
Government resource on identity theft, includes steps to take if you've been a victim.
Identity Theft and Your Tax Records
IRS policy on identity theft and how they can help
iLearn Online
Take a free online course on Internet safety alone or with family
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, (NCMEC) was created to serve as a resource on issues of missing and sexually exploited children.
Paid Parental Control Software Reviews
Long list of sophisticated parental control software options with helpful reviews
Parental Control Software
Browse through five of the top free parental control tools to watch over your children while they are online
Top 10 Browsers for Kids
Protect your children by using safe browsers to shield them from harmful content
Web Wise Kids
Interactive educational material to teach children how to manage issues like sexting, bullying, piracy, online romances, cyber stalking, and other online hazards


CERT Home Computer Security
Basic steps on how to secure your home computer
Computer Security Resource Center
Computer security events and publications for experts working in related fields
CSO Online Media Dashboard
A well-organized and segmented list of security updates and news around the world
A cool world map showing malware attacks for geographic locations
I Keep Safe
Information specifically for parents, educators, community, and youth on Internet safety
IT Security
Valuable articles, whitepapers, and checklists for the security savvy computer user
Jotti's Malware Scan
Scan a suspicious file with over 20 well-recognized antivirus programs simultaneously to keep your computer safe and secure
National Security Council
Current steps the Federal Government is taking to improve national online safety
National Vulnerability Database
A list of security vendors who conform to U.S. Government security protocol
On Guard Online
Fun educational videos on how to protect yourself from cybercriminals and how to teach your kids safety
Secure Mac
Mac OS security updates and Trojan Horse warnings
Security Topic Center
The latest news and breakthroughs in IT security from Computer World
U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Sign up for a national security alert system and read useful tips such as how to improve your home router security
U.S. Government Accountability Office
Information on security news in the government sector
USA.gov Internet Fraud
Report Internet fraud (phishing, pornography, identity theft) here and learn how to fight it


Bureau of Consumer Protection
How to make your website safe for children and consumers (contains relevant laws and helpful guides on current privacy law for businesses)
Disable Cookies
Step by step instructions on how to disable cookies on your web browser
Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistance
File a complaint with the FTC if you believe a website has collected information from your children or marketed to them in a way that violates the law
Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Website
What to do if your laptop or other private information is stolen
Office for Civil Rights Health Information Privacy
Learn about rules and rights that keep your health information confidential
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Privacy basics – what online activity exposes private information and useful facts
The Privacy Foundation
Excellent list of up-to-date articles on how your privacy is changing